Lola’s Farmhouse Bistro Richmond

Tara & Chris | July, 6th, 2019

Tara & Chris | 7.6.19 | Lola’s Farmhouse Bistro Richmond


Tara & Chris’ Lola’s Farmhouse Bistro Richmond wedding was perfect! The moment I stepped into Tara & Chris’ hotel suite in Richmond, Virginia, it felt like such a safe space.

Tara & Chris were so welcoming, surrounded by their children, and I think 6(?) dachsunds! Mommy & Daddy dachsund with their 4 children puppies. It was a whole family affair!


Then we arrived at Lola’s Farmhouse Bistro, a small farm/restaurant with the ceremony setup right next to the restaurant and under some trees where there was just enough sunlight cascading down, that it created such beautiful light – especially for Tara’s grand entrance into her ceremony with her son. Tomika Arnold Carter brought down the house with her rendition of Amazing Grace and a Whitney Houston’s “I Believe in You and Me”. Already, the Spirit was filling up this wedding! And that wasn’t just the first half. She definitely helped bring a soulful and beautiful spirit to this wedding.


Then after some nice sunset portraits, Tomika helped Tara & Chris with the bridal party jump right into an awesome celebration of the couple with a very lively Gospel song. The energy was on fire!

The rest of the evening had a hilarious, yet heartfelt toast from the matron of honor, another powerhouse performance from Tomika for their first dance with Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” cake, bouquet, some traditional dances, and some real all-night dancing going on.


Did I mention how good the vendor meal, which was food from the restaurant, was? Lobster ravioli!

Despite this being one of the most humid weddings I’ve ever shot, the small and intimate feel throughout the day truly made it a joy to work, let alone being filled with God’s Spirit throughout the day!

Every wedding we shoot is special and this continues to add to special experiences and feeling so honored to have captured these amazing moments for this couple and their family.

Enjoy their Highlights edit, leave a comment, and watch their entire first dance as well above!

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Vendor Credits Venue: Lola’s Farmhouse Bistro
Planner: Brousseau Events Photography: Nicole Colwell Photography
Lights & DJ: Renown Sounds Lights & DJ’s, LLC Singer: Tomika Arnold Carter

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Keswick Vineyards Charlottesville Wedding

Armin & Eric | Keswick, VA

Armin & Eric | 5.11.19 | Keswick Vineyards Charlottesville Wedding


Armin & Eric’s day was a true miracle.

As soon as I arrived on premises of the Keswick Vineyards Charlottesville wedding , I started to fly the drone knowing my window of opportunity would be short because of the imminent rain. As soon as I began my flight back down to the ground, it started raining and I got enough drone footage.

Then we spent the morning with Armin & Eric in their rooms. They managed to not see each other, despite their rooms until the ceremony began.

They opened up their thoughtful gifts to each other and saw each other’s parents. It was already such an emotional day with tears of joy and a little sadness from rain ruining their dream of having a beautiful Persian outdoor ceremony.

The Miracle

However, as the ceremony time approached, the wedding planner from Cando Catering, saw a window of opportunity. The weather miraculously cleared up ONLY for one hour which was just enough time for their 30 minute-ish ceremony.

The team carried all the decor and setup of the ceremony that was already setup in the reception tent outside and the ceremony went off without a hitch.

There was even some time for some portraits of their families and bride and groom portraits! I’ve had a lot of clouds break just in time for sunset portraits, but I’ve never experienced the rain stopping just for the ceremony. The outdoor event truly helped the video come out more beautiful and it was such an awesome call from Cando Catering. Brilliant move!

The rest of the evening went beautifully planned. From Armin’s father’s awesome toast about F.O.B’s (fresh off the boat, you have to hear it!) and traditional dances and heartfelt toasts from Eric’s brother-in-law/best man & Armin’s older sister, the evening ended with dancing, and driving away in their vintage car.

Keswick Vineyards provided a perfect backdrop for this awesome, perfect couple and we couldn’t be more honored to have captured this day for them! Enjoy their Feature Film!

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Vendor Credits

Venue: Keswick Vineyards
Florals: Southern Blooms by Pat’s Floral Designs
Photography: Aaron Watson Photography Cake: Cakes by Rachel Strings: Melodious Strings Professional Ensembles
Event Planner: Cando Catering

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