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Paul & Susanna

Welcome! My name is Paul Kwak. I have a bachelors in Film and Media Studies from the University of California, Irvine. I am married to my beautiful wife, Susanna for over 8 years and have a 3 year old son, Christian. Also, we are currently in the midst of adopting a boy from Korea! God has gifted Susanna and I with a knack for creativity and it shows through our desire and passion to tell stories whether through capturing someone’s special day, narrative storytelling, or even documentary.

I’m passionate about weddings because I get to capture one of the most intimate moments in a person’s life. It’s where all their close friends and families get to celebrate two people becoming one. Having been married close to 8 years, I do understand the beauty of marriage and all that it means to a person. I understand how sacred and beautiful of a moment the wedding is and ultimately I feel it is such a privilege to capture that and have it be watched and cherished for as long as they want. It’s truly a unique keepsake. There’s a lot of money being spent in areas of your special day that you will not be able to keep or see, but with video, memories remain and its value only INCREASES with time. So don’t bypass a video!

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"Paul was extremely professional and a pleasure to be around throughout our wedding. The guests did not even notice him from what they say. Watching our wedding video feels like a major studio movie production. We could not be more pleased with how it turned out and the people I have shared it with have said they have never seen such an amazing wedding video." - Toby
"Paul is THE best videographer I found. I had to look through a lot due to the fact the Paul was unavailable at first. The product and service he provides, along with his affordable pricing made it impossible to find someone to compete with him. I was ESTATIC when I found out he had an opening. My day would not have been the same without Paul and his wife." - Trisha
"My husband noticed that all of Paul's videos seem different and had trouble locating a common thread amongst them, but now after seeing his work at our wedding, I can tell that it's because he captures the unique essence of each wedding he and Susanna shoot. I am SO glad I listened to friends to have a videographer and that we were able to book Paul and Susanna." - Yoonie
"Paul & Susanna were both incredibly respectful of moments, but somehow captured every moment from start to finish. When we got our wedding video, we were floored. Admittedly, we were both in tears and watched the video multiple times. Our family member and friends have commented that it is the best wedding video that they have ever seen." - Mana

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